A Piece of Her Mind: Culture and Technology in American Quilts

Written by: William A. Strollo, DAR Museum Curator of Exhibitions
August 30, 2019

Today, we are excited to launch the online version of the DAR Museum's current exhibition, A Piece of Her Mind: Culture and Technology in American Quilts. This exhibition explores ways in which women participated in traditionally masculine parts of society through the art of quilting. Although this exhibition will be in the DAR Museum's main gallery until the end of December, we understand that not everyone can make it to see the exhibit in person. This online version allows people to see the exhibition from the comfort of their own home. 

The online version includes all of the same objects that visitors can find in the gallery. Label text accompanies photographs of each quilt and related object. Information on related programs, including the museum's upcoming quilt symposium, are listed on the exhibition website

One of the exhibition's main interactive features invites visitors to leave a response to the question, "What event, person, or idea from your lifetime do you want future generations to remember?" In the online version, a virtual quilt stands in for this feature. Visitors to the virtual quilt can respond to the same prompt and have their responses included. 

 A Piece of Her Mind will remain open until the end of the calendar year. Those who are not able to make it before the exhibition closes now have the opportunity to see it on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The legacy of A Piece of Her Mind will live on for years to come. 


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