The North Carolina State Conference

Written by: Carole Weiss, North Carolina State Regent
May 20, 2019

Following a wonderful visit with the Pennsylvania Daughters, I boarded a morning flight to North Carolina, Carole Weiss, State Regent. Due to an airline rescheduling, I was forced to fly to Greensboro instead of Raleigh where the conference was held. After a ninety minute drive, I arrived in time to join them for their Awards Luncheon. The Conference was beautifully planned and the hospitality was exceptional. With a sense of nostalgia, I ended visits to all fifty states and received a final charm for my necklace. Thank you, North Carolina Daughters for making it so very memorable.

- President General Ann Dillon

On May 24, North Carolina Daughters began arriving at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley for their 119th state conference.  Unfortunately, Conference Chair Suzanne Bartels and State Historian Elizabeth McAteer missed the entire conference due to illness. The conference theme was “Celebrating our DAR Heritage” and we were blessed to have Honorary President General Merry Ann Wright with us to celebrate. Orchids in the flower arrangements paid tribute to President Generals Caroline Harrison and Gertrude Carraway. Bits of forgotten NCSDAR historical facts were included in the Conference Program and large pictures of outstanding state regents were displayed.

A large lighted picture frame with various props to wear was a big hit especially with the Pages at the Welcome Reception Thursday night. Ten workshops were offered over two days: National Parliamentarian Beverly Przybylski entertained and informed members about Parliamentary Procedure in two well-received workshops, South Carolina Archivist Penny Renwick spoke on her DAR bottle collection, and Mary Love Stringfield Sloan shared information on her great aunt and namesake, NC’s first elected state regent. NC Daughters held workshops on the Tamassee Chapel, Tying Scarves, Chapter Budgets, Recruiting and Retaining Members, Turning Prospectives into Members, and District Directorship.

Visiting State Regents Marilou Fellman, Arizona; Charlotte Blair, Indiana; Gina LaCroix, Michigan; Suzanne Jarman, Nebraska; and Lanabeth Horgen, Washington enjoyed the Southern hospitality and the field trip to the state Art Museum. Attendees enjoyed the many vendors and chairmen and groups with their displays. More than $8,000 in gift cards and merchandise was brought in for the veterans’ Baby Shower, brain child of our Service to Veteran’s Chair.

Friday evening’s entertainment was a presentation in period attire by a group from the Over the Mountain Victory Trail Association and was both informative and enjoyable.

Saturday attendance was over 600 and it was standing room only at the Awards Luncheon. President General Ann Dillon arrived during the Awards Luncheon and entered the room to a standing ovation. She greeted everyone and was warmly welcomed again. After the Awards luncheon, Mrs. Dillon personally awarded 100% President General’s Project certificates to all the chapter regents as well as graduation certificates and cords to graduates of the New Member and New Horizons courses. All award recipients had their photo taken with the President General.

Saturday’s Dinner included remarks by the NCSSAR President, the N.C.S.C.A.R. Senior Society President and the newly elected N.C.S.C.A.R. President. President General Dillon was the keynote speaker after dinner. Her inspiring and humorous speech was well received and she had many requests for copies of it. The NC Chorus under the direction of Luann Nelson with pianist Dot Freeman provided a merry 1890’s musical review and patriotic music sing along ending to the evening’s entertainment. Then everyone had an opportunity to meet our President General in the receiving line.

Sunday morning’s Memorial Service honored Past Vice President General Betty Boyd, several past state officers, and many members.

A celebratory brunch ended the conference with many thanks and much gratitude to the Pages and all those involved in the conference. What fun we had Celebrating 120 Years of Service. 

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