National Parliamentarian Introduction

Written by: Linda Sehrt, National Parliamentarian
September 9, 2019

I am honored to be appointed Parliamentarian for the VanBuren Administration. I love parliamentary procedure, and I love DAR!  I am a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and I serve as a consultant to the President General and Executive Committee. We serve as a team for fair and impartial decision making; protecting individual rights; and working for the good of the Society.

I wish my older brother, Larry Hardin, was alive to see me today!  He is the one that caught the genealogy “bug” 38 years ago.  He mailed me a completed Application to NSDAR with all the lineage documentation attached! He had already contacted the registrar of my local chapter “to be,” and with the Application he enclosed a note that said, “You are joining DAR!”  I didn’t even know what DAR was at the time! I did as I was told and have enjoyed every step of the journey.  He even discovered that I am a fourth cousin, four times removed of Ellen Hardin Walworth, one of the National Society’s Founders! I enjoy giving programs about my special cousin.

Life experiences seem to lead you in the direction you should go.  The chapter registrar at the time, the one my brother had been working with, was a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.  She became my mentor and encouraged me to pursue the study of parliamentary procedure.  Her name is Patricia Petre Surber, and she served as National Parliamentarian under the Kemper administration from 1995-1998.  I was able to tell her of my appointment before she died.  She was so happy for me and proudly told others that I was her legacy. The National Parliamentarian pin you will see me wearing so proudly is Pat’s pin. My local chapter, Independence Pioneers, Independence, Missouri, presented me with this keepsake upon the announcement of my appointment.

My father had a distinguished United States Army career.  He died when I was 20 years old.  From my earliest memories, he taught me to respect the men and women in uniform and to love my country.  When I first became active in DAR, it was the patriotic activities that inspired me.  Over the years I was drawn to the educational endeavors. It only took one DAR School tour to get me hooked! Historic preservation projects were particularly important to my local chapter.  As I volunteered at various sites, again, I fell more in love with DAR.

The good works of NSDAR at the local, state and national level are phenomenal. I am so proud of what we can and do accomplish.  I look forward to how we will “Rise and Shine for America” with the VanBuren Administration.  I am excited to be on this team.


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