National DAR Day of Service 2018

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
August 22, 2018

As summer winds down and families prepare for the new school year, DAR chapters are planning programs and Service to America community projects for the upcoming year.  Our founders would be impressed with the number of community service hours we have already amassed this year.  Chapters should plan for a service project for our National DAR Day of Service on October 11.  While October 11, 2018, has been designated the “official” Day of Service (as it is the anniversary of our founding), we are encouraging chapters to hold their service projects on whichever day surrounding October 11 that works best for them. 

Many chapters last year reported that they completed two, three and even four service projects in the month of October.  Chapters reported that they cleaned up local gardens and adopted highways, processed children’s book donations for a local book bank, assembled packages of toiletries for domestic abuse victims, prepared meals at Fisher Houses and homeless shelters, held special ceremonies for veterans, assembled and donated “Jared Boxes” to a local hospital’s pediatric unit, wrote cards for veterans on Honor Flights, cleaned and digitized local cemeteries and volunteered at food banks, among many other projects. I hope to hear about these types of efforts and even more new service opportunities from this year’s National DAR Day of Service!

Make sure to enter all of your volunteer service hours in the Service to America Online Tally and send your stories and photos to We want to share your chapter’s projects, so make sure you send in good photos so we can show the public all the amazing work you are doing! Additionally, please plan to post your National DAR Day of Service photos on social media with the hashtag #DARDayofService (make sure the post is set to “public” if you want more than just your Facebook friends to see your chapter’s efforts). We will be sharing public posts with this hashtag on the National Headquarters Facebook page on October 11! Remember, National DAR Day of Service is our opportunity to give back to our communities and by participating in visible efforts within our communities, we help to enhance the public’s appreciation of our DAR service work and the vitality and vibrancy of today’s DAR!  

I hope you will continue to be involved in wonderful Service to America projects throughout the year. You are making a significant impact in your communities! 

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