Making Room for New Materials and Resources at the DAR Library

Written by: Elizabeth Ernst, DAR Library Catalog Librarian
March 1, 2018

The DAR Library is constantly adding new books, materials and resources. With new additions to the Collections comes the need for reorganization of existing materials.  For those who haven’t been to the Library recently, there have been some exciting changes.  The additions of new equipment (computers and digital book scanners) have set into motion a cascade of events.  Moving one thing means moving another thing in order to make room, which then leads to moving another thing, and then another...

We have added new computers to the main library.  All of these computers can fully access the Library Catalog, the GRS and our digital collections, and our subscription databases.  Having these computers in the library makes it easier for our researchers since they will not have to move back and forth between the Seimes Technology Center and the main Library.  During busier times, such as Continental Congress, these computers can be used for quick lookups, while those doing more extensive work in the GRS can use the computers in Seimes.

As part of making room for the new computers, the photocopy machines were relocated to a more central location.  New half-height bookshelves define and protect the copiers and our two new digital book scanners in this area.  

A reorganization of some office space on the second floor of the library created space for several new ranges of bookcases.  We have named this new area the South Reading Room.  The extra space for books has allowed us to shift several collections around to make access easier for items that are highly used and to highlight important and unique collections.

Moving books takes time and planning.  As space opens up in one area other books can be shifted into those shelves.  The extra space allows us to spread out a bit more and reduce overcrowding on some shelves.   We have not finished moving or shifting all books yet, so be patient when trying to locate materials.  We have updated our Library layout map, and will continue to update the map as additional materials are shifted from one set of shelves to another.  The next time you visit, if you have trouble locating an item, please ask one of our staff members for assistance. We look forward to seeing you soon at the DAR Library!

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