Looking for the Perfect Gift for Mother's Day? Please Consider the Gift of a Daughters Tribute

Written by: Cynthia Weatherby, National Vice Chairman, Daughters Tribute Project
May 10, 2017

Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day, the celebration of mothers everywhere. This special day is set aside to say "thank you for all that you do, for all that you've done, for shaping me into the person I am and the person I will become."

As a service organization that has a lineage requirement, we are all keenly aware of our mothers and the other women in our lives that are or have been the very backbone of our families.  Our lives are enriched by these bonds and also in our friendships with others. Every woman wants to feel appreciated and a tribute is the perfect gift. For those who are memorialized, the digital tribute can be enjoyed by others and is in perpetuity, whereas flowers last only a week.

The Daughters Tribute electronic database, accessed via the National Society’s Digital Donor Wall, allows you to honor the special DAR members in your life at the following donation levels: $25 -- Honoree name and your name; $50 -- Honoree name and photo, as well as your name; and/or $100 -- Honoree name, photo and a 100-word biography/testimonial, as well as your name. Tributes are purchased in the convenience of your own home or office, by you, and with your own credit card. The proceeds benefit the Guardian Trust Campaign and the dollars apply to your Heritage Club cumulative giving.

I am passionate about the Daughters Tribute project. This platform is singularly unique in that it benefits the recipient and our Society. I can think of no finer way to show appreciation or memorialize mothers or friends than with this gift. Please visit the Daughters Tribute electronic wall and purchase your tributes here. If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at  daughterstribute@nsdar.org. It would be our privilege to help bring joy or memorialize any beloved mother who is or was a member.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Development Committee!

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