Looking Forward to Opening Night

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
June 26, 2019

We officially begin the 128th Continental Congress this evening at our Opening Night Ceremony. I am looking forward to a performance by George Washington as he reflects on the founding of our Nation. How appropriate as we are just over a week away from Independence Day. I know many of you were excited to learn that we would be honoring Alex Trebek at this year’s Congress. You have likely heard that Mr. Trebek is currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. While Mr. Trebek continues to respond well to his cancer treatment and is very encouraged by positive updates he’s received recently, his doctors have advised him that cross-country travel might negatively affect his progress and chemotherapy treatment schedule. We expressed to him that while our membership will of course be disappointed not to be able to express their admiration to him in person, our number one goal is for him to focus on his health journey and we will celebrate his accomplishments during our Opening Night Ceremony despite him not being able to attend the event.

If you can’t be with us this evening in Washington, D.C., you can always participate in Congress virtually, where you can view the live streaming video of the evening ceremonies and business sessions, view photos from Congress events and read the daily Congress Herald. Also follow along with Continental Congress social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Early this morning I brought greetings at the Southern Breakfast, hosted by the Mississippi and Alabama Societies and greeted the West Virginia Breakfast attendees as well. The Units Overseas members have a Delegation Meeting later this morning and I will take that opportunity to meet these Daughters from around the world who travel to Congress to participate in the celebration with us. This is such a unique gathering and I am inspired by the comradery and networking that occurs as they meet together.  Overseas chapters can often feel isolated and it is good for them to share common experiences. They bring such a unique perspective to our mission and Move us Forward in Service to the World.

The New Horizons Course and New Members Courses were introduced during the Dillon Administration to help our members know more about who we are and what we have done. Hopefully these classes will prepare members and leaders alike to further our message and goals. It is exciting to see our members become more active in our Society and these courses are a great way to get involved and to learn about our organization and its amazing history.

Today is the always well-attended Registrar General’s Forum. I hope you will plan to attend and learn more about completing membership applications and other helpful information. In addition, the America 250! Membership Task Force is having an Open House at the Grand Hyatt today. This Task Force is to help chapter registrars and give them a resource for working through difficult lineage papers.

Throughout the day today I will have the honor of thanking Heritage Club members at special events. Their contributions continue to sustain our work and I look forward to expressing my gratitude as I welcome them to Congress and acknowledge the difference they make.

While you are visiting Headquarters, please don’t miss the DAR Museum Period Rooms. Many states are hosting Open Houses at their state rooms throughout the week to share the treasures they hold. It is always interesting to visit these beautiful period rooms in person and learn more about the featured objects, many of which are recent additions.

 Be sure to read today’s edition of the Congress Herald online!

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