How Can the Spanish Task Force Help?

Written by: Tyler Hancock, National Vice Chair, Lineage Research, Spanish Task Force
May 29, 2018

Did you know that Spain contributed to the American Revolution? Have you ever panicked when a prospective member asked you for help with a Spanish patriot, and you had no idea where to start? Spanish Patriots of the American Revolution have many forms of service. Some possibilities include:

  • Paying a donativo, or donation, to the Revolutionary Cause
  • Donating cattle
  • Recruits from the Canary Islands to the Louisiana Infantry Regiment
  • Serving at a Louisiana Militia Post
  • Serving in a Cuban Infantry Regiment
  • Serving in the Gulf Coast Expedition, including the battles of Mobile or Pensacola

That’s right; there was a Battle of Pensacola. The Lineage Research Committee’s Spanish Task Force has many roles. We assist registrars and chapters with applications for prospective members joining under Spanish patriots. Do you have a will written in Colonial Spanish and you need to know what it says? Do you have an application for a patriot who served in Santa Fe, New Mexico District, Cuba, Texas, or Louisiana, and have no idea where to begin? The Spanish Task Force can help, send us an email.

Not all service sources and types for Spanish patriots have been discovered. The Spanish Task Force is constantly searching for more and needs your help. Do you read Colonial Spanish? Do you love searching old documents to find something new? Are you a historical context researcher who can help us find new avenues of service? We would love to have you join our team, send us an email.

The Spanish Task Force strives to educate the DAR and the public on Spain’s role in the American Revolution, find more Spanish patriots and help with applications. To learn more about Spain’s involvement in the American Revolution, check us out on the Lineage Research Committee Page, read our brochure, and go to the webinar archives to learn about Spain’s involvement. We hope to hear from you soon!

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