Helping Daughters Create Their DAR Legacy

Written by: Rachael Lipsetts, Major and Planned Gift Specialist
May 31, 2018

Every day I get to work with Daughters who want to put the National Society in their estate plans.  They do this because they love the organization and what it stands for.  It is such a pleasure to speak with them, because each person is passionate, energized, and committed to the mission of DAR. 

I am consistently encouraged by how many ways Daughters articulate the importance of DAR’s future preservation. Although their methods are varied, they all realize that a planned gift can provide significant benefits to them while ensuring the Society will continue for future generations. 

While many Daughters have thought about making planned gifts, sometimes they are not sure how to go about it and are too self-conscious to ask for help.   

Leaving a legacy gift may be easier than you think.  Through your will or living trust, you can pass your assets to loved ones, while also defining your legacy through gifts to the organizations you value most. When you remember DAR through a gift in your estate plan, you join a special group of people who make important future advances possible.

Are you unsure if a charitable gift in your estate plan is right for you?  If so, just ask yourself three simple questions:

  • Do I want to guide decisions about the future of my belongings and the legacy I leave behind? 
  • Do I want to make sure my family, friends, and important causes are taken care of after my lifetime?
  • Have I thought about what my legacy will be?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider making a planned gift.  DAR, the Office of Development, and I are available to help.  While making estate plans can seem overwhelming, we can help take away the stress by making things feel simple and manageable—even if you don’t include DAR in your future plans. 

DAR has many resources that we hope you find beneficial.  At, you will find sample language for your will or trust, clear descriptions of various types of gifts, and easy-to-use tools that will help you to determine what gifts might be best for you.

You also may want to download our Personal Estate Planning Kit.  It offers advice on setting family goals and beginning the estate planning process. It also explains different types of planned gifts and which may be the best fit for you.  The kit will help you build a secure estate plan that will ensure your legacy.  It can be downloaded directly from here:

If you do not have an estate plan yet, or want to find out more on making a planned gift, it’s never too late to plan for the future.  Now is the perfect time to do so.  Please call us at 800-449-1776 with questions, or write us at at any time.  I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

As always, to those of you who have included DAR in your estate plans, we are so grateful for you.  Thank you for ensuring our future for countless new generations of Daughters.

Date Change

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