First Vice President General Introduction

Written by: Pamela Wright, First Vice President General
July 23, 2019

Serving as Chaplain General during the Dillon Administration as we “Moved Forward in Service to America” was a dream come true!  Now as we “Rise and Shine for America” during the VanBuren Administration, I am thrilled to serve as the very first First Vice President General from Texas.   What an exciting time to be a member as we complete the restoration of Constitution Hall and continue preparations for the 250th anniversary of the founding of our nation under the direction of Denise VanBuren!

A 32-year member, I joined Lady Washington Chapter as a Junior.  Members often ask what made me join DAR. The answer is simple, and probably similar to yours: my grandmother told me to join!  My maternal grandmother wanted me to find friends when I moved to Houston.  She joined the Peter Early Chapter in Blakely, Georgia and four years later, my paternal grandmother, at the age of 77, joined DAR through the Thronateeska Chapter in Albany, Georgia.     For several years, our family celebrated four living generations of membership – my grandmothers, mother, sister, daughter and me.  Today, we have lost my grandmothers, but added our daughter-in-law (a Junior and Honorary Chapter Regent of the Rio Grande Chapter, McAllen, Texas) and our seven grandchildren who are C.A.R. life members.

Joining a chapter with an active Junior Membership Committee afforded me the opportunity to learn DAR from the ground level up.  Paging at Continental Congress and state conference, coupled with serving as a senior leader in the Children of the American Revolution, has led to lifelong friends around the world.  Serving as Chaplain General introduced me to an incredible group of members aged 90 years and older.  Would you believe we have 8,198 members over 90 and 329 over 100?  Friends come in all ages with varied DAR and life experiences.

Texas means “friendship,” and for me, friendship through DAR service has made my life meaningful in areas not imagined.  Once again, my beloved grandmother was correct! 


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