The Daughters Tribute

Written by: Mary Frisch, Celebrate 125! National Vice Chair - Daughters Tribute
February 8, 2016

The National Society recently dedicated “The Daughters Tribute” as an enduring legacy of its 125th Anniversary celebration.  The granite monument honors the sacrifice and dedication of the nearly 1 million women who have sustained our Society and its enduring mission of service since 1890.

An electronic database accessed via the National Society’s Digital Donor Wall comprises the digital component of the Daughters Tribute.  These Tributes are done electronically from the comfort of your own home. On February 25 there will be a Leadership Training Webinar about the Daughters Tribute; I encourage you to register for the webinar to learn more. To honor someone with a Daughters Tribute visit:

There are three levels of Tributes:

$25: Honoree name and donor name

$50: Honoree name and photo and donor name

$100: Honoree name, photo and 100 word Tribute and donor name

Individual donations will count toward your Heritage Club level and will go to the Guardian Trust Campaign to support the preservation, restoration and conservation of our historic home & to fund the immediate restoration needs at DAR Constitution Hall.

As chapters and states begin planning for state conferences, consider a lasting tribute for your Outstanding Junior member or Outstanding Chapter Regent.  What a fitting and affordable way to honor exceptional service.  And, don’t forget your current and past state officers, Honorary State Regents, VPGs, HVPGs, and Past National Officers.  How about the person who did the research for your DAR application? The possibilities are endless. 

If you have not yet visited the Daughters Tribute Digital Wall, I encourage you to do it today.  It is heart-warming and inspiring to see the many Daughters who have been honored.  Mothers and daughters, friends, page sisters, chapter and state regents, and mentors from every decade grace the Digital Wall creating a lasting legacy.   Who knows?  You may find your own name among the honored.

Learn more about the Daughters Tribute by visiting,

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