DAR Genealogy Travels to the NGS Family History Conference

Written by: Pamela Loos-Noji, DAR Staff Genalogist
May 22, 2019

DAR Genealogy was excited to hit the road again and travel to St. Charles, MO for the NGS Family History Conference. When we arrived the shuttle bus dropped us at the lower level of the St. Charles Convention Center.  After a few moments of confusion, we got our bearings and were on our way to setting up the booth.  The two tables seemed larger than average, but once all the material was laid out, all was good.  The DARopoly board game, that continues to be a crowd pleaser as our daily raffle prize, took center stage in the display.  Our newest give-a-way, now set out with the DAR pens, is hard candies with the blue DAR logo on each tiny packet.  We were then all set up and ready to share DAR’s resources with the conference attendees.

Cindy Suich, MO State Regent, set a very high bar for organization of the local DAR member volunteers at the booth.  Marilynn Henry (Chapter Regent & District 8 Leader) was there every moment to coordinate all the ladies.  In addition to these two, a special shout out goes to Judy Belford (State Chair, Genealogical Records), Joan Koechig (District 2 Leader), and Carol Howard (Chapter Registrar & State Chair, President General’s Project).  We could not have done it without the expertise and hard work of these women.  Nicki Lagoudakis and I – the two genealogists from Headquarters – were so impressed not only with the DAR work these women do, but also with all the other community service organizations in which they are involved.

Women, and men, from all around the country, stopped for a chat or to ask questions.  We try to help everyone with their genealogy questions, not just those who have an easy link with an established patriot.  Nicki turned a gentleman on to the Library of VA website, and the next day he came by to share some of the discoveries he had made overnight.  It was incredible what he had learned!  Both of us had a chance, thanks to the volunteers, to attend several talks on German records, our current passion.  During some of the quiet times, Nicki discovered that she was related to several of the MO volunteers and the DAR Registrars who stopped by were so happy to have the ear of a “real genie” from Headquarters for their questions.  It is rather nice to be an almost-celebrity, even if only for a moment.

The NGS Family History Conference was great and we were excited to introduce so many attendees to all of DAR’s genealogical resources!

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