The DAR Founders Medals

Written by: Connie Olde, Reporter General
November 20, 2017

Chapters and State Societies have a wonderful opportunity to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism through the awarding of a Founders Medal. Have you considered recognizing your dedicated community volunteers? The Founders Medals were established in 1995, and may be awarded to recognize those citizens who have given unselfishly of their talents, time and themselves to their community, state or nation.

The Office of the Reporter General coordinates the Founders Medals nominations, which are judged by the classes of the Vice Presidents General. There are new requirements for this year’s potential recipients, including the letter of nomination from the chapter or state society, three letters of recommendation (non-DAR), supporting materials and the October 2017 NIP form – RPG-FM-1000. This packet is not to exceed 15 single-sided pages, and will not be returned. Your nomination packet can now be emailed to:

Find recipients in your community who deserve to be acknowledged for their patriotism, heroism, service and achievement. Their deed, service or educational pursuit must go beyond their employment obligations or normal duties. DAR members may not be considered for these medals if related to DAR activities. None of these medals may be awarded posthumously.

  • The Eugenia Washington Medal for Heroism — Honors an individual civilian (21 years of age or older) who has displayed the outstanding qualities of courage and valor, recognizing outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger.
  • The Mary Desha Medal for Youth — Honors a youth (21 years of age and under) for outstanding service to the community, state or nation through service and leadership in activities such as conservation, organized sports (beyond school-sponsored activities), scouting, church or community, state or national organizations. This individual will have exceeded expectations for the nominee’s age. Academic achievement is not a consideration for this award.
  • The Ellen Hardin Walworth Medal for Patriotism — Honors an adult (21 years of age and over) who has displayed outstanding patriotism in the promotion of our American ideals of  “God, Home, and Country” through faithful and meritorious service to community, state or nation. Examples include, participation in church, scouting, conservation, hereditary, historical, genealogical or organized sports. In addition, one who has performed outstanding service as a member of the military, religious or business community may be considered for this award.
  • The Mary Smith Lockwood Medal for Education — Honors an individual who has shown outstanding achievement through service and leadership in promoting education outside the formal educational process, such as improving literacy for adults or children or, teaching English to foreign born individuals.

The state or chapter will be notified if the award is approved or disapproved. If approved, instructions will be provided on how to obtain the medal and certificate. At this time, the medal and certificate cost is $43.00, including postage and handling.

Take this opportunity to recognize your community volunteers, as it is a wonderful way to thank them for their service, promote media coverage and interest prospective members.

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