DAR Cruise Day 8: The American Revolution in the Caribbean

Written by: Connie Olde, Reporter General
November 20, 2018

The American Revolution in the Caribbean Cruise came to its conclusion in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, November 10th. Many DAR members and HODARS enjoyed our last breakfast very early in the morning, so we could gather together one last time. Our week included delicious food, many events, interesting tours and educational lectures. The cruise ship offered many amenities, so many members enjoyed special behind the senses tours of the ship, live music and entertainment, film showings, unique restaurants, the sports deck, swimming in the pools and hot tubs, and relaxing in the Spa. Too much to do and not enough time!

On Sunday afternoon, Recording Secretary General Morgan Lake presented a fabulous lecture on “The American Revolution in the Caribbean.” B. B. Gould entertained us with her lecture, “Patriot Pirates: The Privateer War for Freedom and Fortune in the American Revolution.” Following these events, we attended an evening reception, which was the perfect opportunity to meet with everyone. We then headed to dinner where we had assigned seats, only this evening, to continue visiting with our new friends.

Another educational opportunity was presented on Friday by Mary Anthony Startz on “Spain’s Role in America’s Independence and What Constitutes Service for a Spanish Patriot.” As we gathered on that evening for our farewell reception, we came to the realization that many of us would not be together until the February National Board of Management Meeting or Continental Congress. The time on our cruise flew by and we are all looking forward to spending time together when we next meet to “Move Forward in Service to America.”

Many special thanks to our fabulous President General Ann Turner Dillon and her committee who entertained us and planned this wonderful cruise. So many memories and so much fun…

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