DAR Cruise Day 7: The American Revolution in the Caribbean

Written by: Jeannine Dobbins, Colorado State Regent
November 19, 2018

Friday morning found us sailing on the open seas.  Our fabulous cruise through the south Caribbean was winding down.   With no destinations to explore,   we were free to explore our home on the water, the Summit.

Special tours of usually off-limit areas of the ship were offered to passengers on our sailing day.   Passengers could visit the engine room, galley, or navigation deck.   The tour of the navigation deck and engine room were fascinating,  but perhaps the most remarkable fact we learned was that the galley uses, among other things, 1800 dozen eggs and 800 bottles of champagne  EVERY DAY.   Wow.

Visits to the on-board gym were also enjoyed. Well, maybe not enjoyed… DAR members were spotted on the rowing machine and treadmills, doing their best to combat the accumulation of calories that the magnificent cooking team in the galley was providing on a daily basis. 

The highlight of the day for me was a presentation by DAR member M. Anthony Startz on the role of Spain in the American Revolution.   I was spellbound as she discussed the aid received by the Americans.   Since I have ancestors who were living in Louisiana at the time, I was not only spellbound but enthralled when all of the yet to be explored sources of documentation were discussed by Ms. Startz.   I still have one potential Spanish patriot that I have not been able to prove……

And what better way to end our great week together than by a wine and cheese reception that evening?  Members and HODARs gathered and enjoyed each other’s company once again before heading home.  Stories of our adventures during the week were exchanged, highlights of the trip were discussed, and we did our part in adding to the consumption of the 800 bottles of champagne for the day. 

The realization that we really did have to go home hit us all when we had to have our luggage packed up and ready for pickup by the crew after dinner.   Keeping out the bare necessities for the morning, we gathered up our newly acquired treasures and hoped that our suitcases would pass the weight limits imposed by the airlines.  Mine had gained 8 pounds during the week.  Luckily my personal weight gain was not nearly as bad.

This was my first ever cruise,   so I hadn’t known what to expect.  Being waited on hand and foot was certainly easy to accept.  The pot of coffee that was delivered every morning to our cabin was enjoyed sitting on the balcony, watching the sun come up, and listening to the waves slapping against the side of the boat.   But by far the best part of this trip was being with fellow DAR members.   Spending time with old friends, and meeting new ones, was the best part of the adventure.  

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