Congress Preparations are Coming Together at DAR Headquarters

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
June 17, 2018

Congress week is finally here! Last week the Executive Officers met for our week of meetings, which was productive and filled with final preparations for Congress.  

Today the DAR Library is open to members from 9 am – 5 pm, which will give those in town early a great opportunity to work on research.  The Library gets more crowded during the week as people arrive and want to find that elusive ancestor, or solve the brick wall that hinders their lineage search.

Set up began in Constitution Hall this weekend to prepare for Congress events. It is amazing to see all the hard work that goes into preparing for an event of this magnitude. Tables, computers and supplies are being arranged to accommodate the members who will be arriving soon. The state seals are hung around the interior of the Constitution Hall auditorium and outside Headquarters the “Welcome Daughters” banner has been hung and the state flags have been posted along the Florida Drive on D Street. More preparations will continue today as members begin to arrive in Washington, D.C.

Tomorrow morning we will have a special wreath laying at the Daughters Tribute Monument. This memorial serves as a reminder of all the women who contributed to our organization over its 125 year history. You can honor those members who made an impact on your membership here: Join us tomorrow morning at 8:30 am in the Memorial Garden on C Street.

Get your Congress App ready for the 127th Congress! If you still have the App downloaded on your phone from last year, when you open the app please be sure to select “2018 – 127th Congress” from the Congress list that appears when you open the app. If the Congress list does not appear when you open the app, scroll down on the dashboard and select “Exit to Congress List,” the red button in the bottom right corner. From there, select “2018 – 127th Congress,” download this new show within the app and get started!

This is going to be an exciting 127th Continental Congress! We are looking forward to welcoming you.

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