September 20, 2018

After a few days at home, I left for Bangor, Maine around noon anticipating a late evening arrival. The best laid plans often go astray and this trip was unexpectedly delayed when the plane inbound for my connection experienced a mechanical problem and arrived a full three hours late. We landed in Bangor in the wee hours and I was so grateful to see my wonderful page, Beth Calhoun. I was also... Read More

September 17, 2018

Happy Constitution Week! September 17th through the 23rd is an exciting time in America. We have the opportunity to celebrate and honor the United States Constitution. Our Constitution has endured longer than any other constitution in the world. Imagine being in Philadelphia that long, hot summer in 1787. Citizens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania see the many influential men... Read More

September 14, 2018

Following a week in the office, I departed for Burlington, Vermont on Friday morning to arrive in time for lunch with the State Regent Carol Schwenk, Vice Regent Edna Curtin and my page for the visit, Emalee Morris. Unfortunately a fog obscured my anticipated view of the mountains, but enough of the landscape was visible that I could understand why it is called the “Green Mountain State.” I... Read More

September 11, 2018

In July, I had the great privilege and fun of going to the Supreme Court building to dress two manikins for their current exhibit, “In Re Lady Lawyers: The Rise of Women Attorneys and the Supreme Court,” which is open to the public through 2020. The exhibit takes its title from the early 20th century list of women admitted to argue before the Supreme Court, which was kept by an... Read More

September 7, 2018

After a summer break, live genealogy lectures at the DAR Library are back!  In a few weeks, on Tuesday, September 18 at 10 AM, I will give a talk about indirect evidence. The talk is titled “Indirect Evidence: Making the Case If You Do Not Have Direct Answers,” and I will be discussing the... Read More

August 30, 2018

Did you hear our exciting news? Our subscribers who follow our Facebook page did! American Spirit has received two 2018 APEX Awards: We received the Magazine Writing Award for the entire January/February 2018 issue and the Feature Writing Award for the “Wreaths Across America” feature in the November/December... Read More

August 28, 2018

The DAR Museum’s second annual World’s Fair on Saturday, August 3rd was a resounding success! Nearly 1,000 visitors joined us for a fun-filled day of crafts, games, scavenger hunts, and more.

You may be wonderingwhy host this event at the DAR Museum?

The event took inspiration from two turn-of-the-century World’s Fairs: the... Read More

August 24, 2018

Today I am going to introduce you to the Corrections Team, also known as the Red Team, of the Genealogy Department here at DAR Headquarters. This group of specially-trained Genealogy Staff Members handles all requests that come in for corrections. These corrections include updating... Read More

August 22, 2018

As summer winds down and families prepare for the new school year, DAR chapters are planning programs and Service to America community projects for the upcoming year.  Our founders would be impressed with the number of community service hours we have already amassed this... Read More

August 15, 2018

The newly renovated Museum Gallery is spacious, bright and modern, but what was the gallery like before these changes?  How has the exhibition of the collection evolved over the years?  While a collection of souvenirs of the Revolution was envisioned from the beginning of the organization, its permanent home has moved, grown, and improved.

At first, items donated to the Society were... Read More

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