Another Full Congress Day

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
June 25, 2019

Yesterday was a great first day of Congress week! There were many productive meetings and a lot was accomplished.

If you are interested in learning more about our wonderful DAR Library and how to use its resources, I encourage you to attend the DAR Library orientation this morning in the O’Byrne Gallery at Headquarters. Our new DAR Library Director Stephanie Tuszynski will be giving an introduction to all things DAR Library.

Additionally this afternoon there is a special program, “News You Can Use – Tips from the Office of the Registrar General,” which will feature sessions with speakers covering different pertinent genealogy topics. This will include the updated Genealogy Guidelines and the Genealogy section of the website.

The National Chairs have created interactive and educational National Committee Video Presentations for you to learn more about their work.  Designed to benefit the entire membership, not just Congress attendees, you may use these brief videos as chapter programs, or just to become an informed member.  Watch them prior to Friday’s Service to America Night so you have an opportunity to bring your questions to the National Chairs.

You are all invited to the dedication of the President General’s Plaque and the President General’s Portrait today. The Plaque located on North hallway on the first floor of the Administration building, will serve as a reminder of all the things accomplished together over the past three years. The portrait is on the second floor, in the stairwell next to the Magazine Office. This location was chosen because of the fond memories I have of running up and down these stairs when I served as Registrar General for Mrs. Watkins and would go from the RG’s office to the Kemper Board Room.

This afternoon will be the Gift Acceptance Ceremony to be held in the NOC Assembly Room. This is such a wonderful opportunity to meet with these donors and to thank them for their generous gifts to the National Society.

I hope those attending Congress have safe travels to Washington, D.C. I am looking forward to seeing everyone during tomorrow evening’s Opening Night Ceremony!  It is sure to be one of the most exciting nights of the week.

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