128th Congress Hotel Reservation Information

Written by: Ann Dillon, President General
December 6, 2018

The official DAR Continental Congress hotel, the Grand Hyatt Washington, has officially updated their online reservation system. We appreciate everyone’s patience, as this upgrade delayed the date the DAR was able to open the reservation process at the Grand Hyatt for 128th Continental Congress reservations. The general attendee block of rooms for Congress is set to open next week: Monday, December 10 at 12 p.m. EST.

You can now make Grand Hyatt reservations here: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/WASGH/G-FEMT

The official dates for the upcoming Congress are June 26-30, 2019. The contract with the Grand Hyatt allows for the greatest number of rooms on these peak nights (6/26-6/30) and has only a very limited number of rooms available to members on the nights preceding (6/23-6/25) those peak nights of Congress. So unfortunately, those limited number of rooms often sell out early. Additionally, the Grand Hyatt is only officially allowed to provide the DAR with a certain number of double bed rooms on each night of our contracted block. These double bed rooms are in high demand with our membership and so they also often sell out quickly.

When making your online reservation, there might be specific nights or room types unavailable. The online reservation system will indicate that your entire reservation request is not available, but it might only be one part of your request that is not available.

If you experience challenges getting the dates or room type you want, we encourage you to try requesting a king bed instead of a double bed and you may have more success getting a room. Those members who reserve a king bed room do have the option of requesting a rollaway bed at no additional charge, though rollaway beds are limited and on a first come first served basis. 

Due to the launch of the Grand Hyatt’s all-new online reservation system, called “Hy-Res,” you will notice some slight changes to what you may have used in the former “Passkey” system, but it will have most of the same basic functions for making your reservation. Please refer to an FAQ regarding some of these changes that is located on the Members’ Website.

Please note the system does look similar to the generic Hyatt reservation website. Make sure to use the special DAR link, so that you are accessing the special DAR member rate. You will know you are on the correct page if it says “DAR Continental Congress” at the top of the page. If you get bounced from this special DAR page, please click back on the DAR link provided on the member’s website.

For more information and specific instructions on how to make your reservation at the Grand Hyatt, please see the 128th Continental Congress Hotel Reservation Information announcement posted on the Member’s Website.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind as you make your hotel reservation:

  • Please share the Grand Hyatt reservation information with your fellow state and chapter members who may not frequent the DAR Members’ Website or be subscribed to the Today’s DAR Blog.
  • Keep in in that the Grand Hyatt reserves as many double bed rooms for DAR members as they are officially allowed, but if you are having trouble securing a double bed room reservation, please consider a king room and request a rollaway bed.
  • Please do not call the Grand Hyatt reservation desk directly. The only way to make a reservation in the DAR block with the special member rate is through the special Grand Hyatt online reservation system link or the “Hy-Res” system phone number 1-877-803-7534.
  • It is always recommended that if you would like to stay at the Grand Hyatt to make your reservation early. However, if you are unable to make your reservation the day the block opens and you are still finalizing some of your plans, you can continue to check the availability at the Grand Hyatt through the Grand Hyatt online reservation system link that will be provided in the members’ announcement anytime between December 10 and the start of Congress in June.
  • If you have trouble making a reservation through the Grand Hyatt online reservation system link, keep in mind that it may be one small factor causing the problem. For example, there may be no more double bed rooms available on Opening Night, so it may show up as no double bed rooms available for the duration of your preferred stay. It is recommended that you try out different dates and room preferences to see everything that is available at the DAR rate.
  • Please note that the new Grand Hyatt “Hy-Res” online reservation system does have some changes to the options you may have been used to using in previous years’ “Passkey” reservation system. Some of these changes are listed below, but you can find a more detailed FAQ on the new “Hy-Res” reservation system on the Congress website.
  • The “Hy-Res” online reservation website does not currently allow you to add more than one additional guest’s name to the reservation (this means two people total: one making the reservation and one roommate). However, you can add more individuals’ names to the reservation via phone following the confirmation of your reservation. To do so, please call: 1-877-803-7534.
  • Staying at the Grand Hyatt is convenient not only for the many meetings, luncheons, and other events that take place there, but there is also an official Grand Hyatt shuttle that takes members back at forth from the Grand Hyatt to DAR Headquarters throughout Congress week during peak times for just $5 a trip!

The 128th Congress is sure to be exciting and one not to be missed. Don’t forget to check this members’ announcement on Monday, December 10 at 12 p.m. noon (Eastern) to make your reservation!


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