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August 19, 2016

Today is National Aviation Day, a national observation that celebrates the development of aviation!  Established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday, this day encourages us to celebrate the achievements made by both men and women in the field of aviation.  For our inaugural Tales from the Archives blog, we would like to honor one particular... Read More

August 18, 2016

I’m often asked how or why I became a parliamentarian. My elevator speech/answer is that after I was elected and installed as state regent ten years ago I realized I didn’t really know as much as I needed to know about running a meeting using proper parliamentary procedure. I also reply that I like to color between the lines – meaning that I want to know the rules. I joined... Read More

August 16, 2016

What an exciting time for the National Society, as we embrace Moving Forward in Service to America! I am thrilled to serve with the Dillon Administration, as we have been challenged to participate in each of our communities sharing our talents to promote our objectives.

The responsibilities of the Reporter General include:

  • Coordinating DAR scholarship programs of... Read More
August 12, 2016

Serving as Curator General for the National Society is truly an honor for this life-long native of West Virginia! My responsibility as Curator General will be to oversee the working of the DAR Museum and the thirty-one period rooms.

I am “Barby,” with a “Y”! Why, because my Mother wanted it that way! My full, official name is Barbara Ann McDonald Frankenberry, and many of you know I... Read More

August 10, 2016

I am incredibly honored to be Moving Forward in Service to America with the Dillon Administration as the National Vice Chair, Commemorative Events Committee, for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.

There was a great deal of unrest in our country during the years of the Vietnam War.  As a teenager I listened to the evening reports of the battles occurring, our young... Read More

August 8, 2016

The thread that binds one generation to the next is in the stories families tell. That is why I love libraries. Libraries hold the books that tell the stories. The collective memory of families is passed down in books when the oral history is flawed or has been altered over the years. That love of libraries became part of who I am. As an MLS librarian, I wanted to investigate the stories.... Read More

August 5, 2016

“A Town Too Big for One State”, the motto of Delmar, with one half of the town in Maryland and the other half in Delaware.  Growing up in this small town on the Delaware side, we played outside from sun up to sun down.  As a middle child with a brother six years older and a brother six years younger, I learned very quickly the value of a close family in a close community.  My father was a blue... Read More

August 1, 2016

My mother was adopted. It bothered her all her life that she did not know who her people were. My paternal grandmother, on the other hand, knew a lot about her family and often talked about the DAR and her patriot ancestors. When my mother died in 1995, I called the DAR and asked for a copy of my grandmother’s application. I was ready to sign up!

When Kathryn Morgan Bannister’s DAR... Read More

July 29, 2016

Born and reared in Indiana, I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in accounting and played string bass in the University Symphony. Accounting was a natural choice. My mother attended Butler as an accounting major before World War II. After the War, her mother, my Grandma McCalment, at age 53 went to business school and became a... Read More

July 27, 2016

Visitors to the DAR Museum enjoy peeking into the period rooms in Memorial Continental Hall, each one a snapshot of another time and place. Now our visitors can access information about the period rooms on several levels with the installation of new interpretive panels and booklets.

The first thing you notice is a large, illustrated panel that gives basic information about the room and... Read More

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