February 24, 2017
Saturday after the February National Board meeting, I flew with Alice Ridgway, Connecticut State Regent, to Hartford to celebrate their 125th Birthday.  It was a gala to be remembered and a great demonstration of how to delegate plans for a state conference while the state regent is out of town.  The Connecticut Daughters demonstrated that teamwork succeeds!  Alice has written a blog about my visit to her state.  Her state theme not only emphasizes the absence of an “e” in Ridgway, but points out the many ways to use e in DAR service.  Enjoy! - President General Ann Dillon What does a state do when the 125th anniversary of the state’s organization and the 100th anniversary of its

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February 23, 2017
Where in the DAR World would you like to go today? Are you a new member or a new-member-at-heart who would like to learn about the many aspects of DAR service projects, activities and committees? Or are you interested in exploring ways to expand your horizons and gain confidence about serving in new paths of DAR leadership? INquire about the Member Training Courses being offered through the DAR Membership committee!  We want you to be part of the “IN” Crowd and we are INviting you to INquire about and to be INspired by these two new courses! The New Members

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February 21, 2017
As DAR continues “Moving Forward in Service to America,” it is a pleasure to share some exciting news with you.   After much discussion, the Executive Committee has decided that members can now include their DAR chapter work in their Service to America volunteer hours.  Many members shared with this chairman and others their service stories and DAR work from this past year via their Chapter Master Report.   It is felt that this DAR work benefits our communities and needs to be counted as Service to America hours.   This includes genealogy research, American History contests, Good Citizens scholarships, conservation work, veterans work, community service awards and all other DAR work.  It

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