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Joy Cardinal
National Chair, DAR Tours
April 24, 2014
Is a trip to Scotland on your ‘bucket list’?  Did your ancestors emigrate from Scotland?  Do you want to know more about Clans and Tartans?  Did you love the movie, “Braveheart”?  How about High Tea, Downton Abbey style?In October 2014 the Young Administration will highlight the Scottish nation and individuals that played a significant part in shaping the character of the United States of America. Please join the President General, members and guests as the Young Administration Honors our Scottish Heritage, October 4-11, 2014.Enjoy an exclusive 7-day guided tour along with DAR friends.  Our Scotland host, Hope Vere Anderson, has developed an exceptional itinerary, exclusively for DAR. ...Read More
April 22, 2014
In late March, I left spring in Texas to travel to the 116th Maine State Conference, Sandra Swallow, State Regent, where I was warmly welcomed despite the cold weather.  Greeted at the Portland Airport by Vrege Murray, National Auditing Committee Chair, we enjoyed hot lobster soup before visiting the Saco Museum.  The Museum had recently opened an exhibit “From the Elegant to the Everyday: 200 Years of Fashion in Northern New England”.  Vrege and I had an opportunity to closely examine the styles, fabrics and details of these historic costumes.  I was amused by a sign displaying an old Yankee adage...Read More
April 18, 2014
I am looking forward to sharing my spring travel experiences with you but this morning I am at our ranch after an absence of several weeks.  The pastures are lush and green and we have welcomed back the hummingbirds, cardinals and even a few finches.  The trees have put out new leaves and our Knock Out roses and Indian Hawthorns are blooming around the house.  A sparrow has built a nest on top of one of the ceiling fans on our front porch.  The barn cats are napping on the window sills while a few of our cows and young calves are grazing just outside the window.Spring is my absolutely favorite time of year and no doubt many of you are eager to welcome spring, particularly after the brutal...Read More

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